Hi. Meet me.

Hi, My name is Mila and I’m not ready say I am an alcoholic.

I’m not ready because I don’t know if that is what I am. I am certainly someone with a long and complicated relationship with alcohol, but an alcoholic? That doesn’t seem to fit.

So here I am. A middle aged lady, writing a blog, trying to figure out her relationship with alcohol and sobriety, and life.

Why am I writing here? Because I can. Because writing helps me clear my head and order things in my mind. Why not a journal, I’ve tried and failed at that. Plus it is so much easier to clean up a blog post.

My life is messy. It has always been messy. I have never figured out the art of a beautiful life, though I have tried. I know that alcohol is adding to the messy. I know I am using it to ignore things I should be taking care of.

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