My First Blog Post

Where are the ones like me?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I am writing this to help me explore my quest toward sobriety, however it may develop. As I write this I have spent the last few days cleaning house, folding laundry, making food, listening to Audible versions of sobriety memoirs, all while drinking glasses of red wine. I admit, I feel a bit guilty listening to the struggles of others to get sober while sipping vino. But frankly, I’m having a hard time relating to these posh women with their 6 figure high-profile careers in big cities. I love hearing their stories, but I don’t relate to their stories the way I want to. I want to find people who are more like me. The quiet ones. The ones with normal, everyday lives. The ones who were once so much worse, but still, though better are not ok.

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